Few television series have captured the country’s attention and imagination like «Bet on Thrones.» Other shows have already been as complex (like «Lost» or «Westworld») and also other shows also have rabid yet broad fandoms (think in regards to the «The Sopranos» and «Breaking Bad»). But rare could be the show that’s been both.

Much press has used to equating no more «Game of Thrones» and no more «Marvel’s Avengers,» because neither has much else it compare to. Both have been cultural touchstones throughout the decade, they are multifaceted ensemble mysteries waiting to be revealed, they are both ending nearly simultaneously, צימרים בצפון both of them are leaving a legacy of changing the media. And both elicit deep, 0loft honest emotion and connection using their fans. Fates of GoT Starks and Avengers Starks alike come like deaths inside family.

In now of streaming and binging and social media that «Bet on Thrones» were raised in, simply what does that mean for shows to follow along with down the road? How has «Game of Thrones» changed the way you watch TV?

The sometime ago realm of 2011
When «Bet on Thrones» premiered on April 17, 2011, 0loft the media world would be a different place. Netflix had only begun streaming video four years prior and was still 2 yrs from creating its first original series, «House of Cards.» HBO Go (the app for subscribers) was only a years old and HBO Now (the app for non-subscribers) was several years away. Twitter had half you it can today. And the quantity of scripted shows on TV was waiting to balloon by 86 percent, צימרים בצפון from 266 in 2011 to 495 in 2018. On that date, the GoT pilot garnered just 2.22 million viewers, 10 million less than watch now.

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