4 Ways to Decorate Your House for Navratri during This Festive Season

Its that time of the year again and our excitement really cant be controlled any longer. The festive season is on and we can certainly say that its one of the biggest and most beautiful times of the year.

Navratri is here and the 9-day festival stands alone in stealing the entire limelight of being the most awaited time of the year. It marks the celebration of good over evil and the worshipping of Goddess Durga in her nine forms.

This festival is defined by a nine-day saga wherein it is kicked off by cleaning the houses and temporary cease of non-vegetarian food. The essence of Navratri is celebrated in a different way in different corners of India. However, what remains the same is the thrill it brings along and the celebratory mood that it spreads in the entire country.

One of the most common things visible during this festive season of Navratri is that we all decorate our houses and add some festive touch to the same. You come up with innovative and unique ways to incorporate the festive touch in your house and make it have a Navratri effect.

So we thought why dont we help you with your initiative and let you have some creativity in the house this Navratri? Here are our 4 artistic and yet easy ways to decorate your house this festive season.

1. Use flowers especially Marigold and Lotus to instill an elegant touch in the house

Flowers bring in a lot of elegance in the house anyway and when its Navratri, theyre even more popular. So go ahead and buy lots of Marigold and Lotus to adorn your 3 BHK luxury apartments in Mohali because these flowers are certainly going to add an elegant factor in your house and strike up a smile across your lips.

2. Put Durga Maa related paintings on the walls for a direct reference

Navratri marks the worship of Goddess Durga in her 9 forms so what better way to decorate your house than to have Durga Maas paintings and posters hung up on the walls? If you want to add some modern look to your house then opt for such kind of paintings and posters of Durga Maa.

3. Skip your old furnishing and download online mp3 go completely ethnic

Navratri is the time when you ought to skip your daily furnishing like bed sheets, cushion, cushion covers, etc and substitute them with fully ethnic furnishing to instill complete and gorgeous Navratri touch. Opt for sequin-worked and traditional Indian artwork based furnishing to prepare your house for the grand 9-day celebration of Navratri.

4.Use wall art that evokes complete Indian traditionalism

This is a great way to throw Navratri touches to your 4 BHK ready to move flats in Mohali. Add some Rajasthani puppets, ethnic bells and wall dividers and Indian patchwork wall designs to give ultimate Indian traditional look to your house.

This Navratri, make sure that your house reflects a lot of your own personality while keeping the tone of the grand festival of Navratri. Try these ideas and see how your lovely abode transforms into a beautiful place. Happy Navratri!

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