5 Benefits Of Using Vertical Lift Module In Your Operation

Vertical Lift Modules (VLM) are small parts automatic storage and retrieval system. This systems uses software to manage inventory levels, slot product efficiently, use light directed picking, and prioritize picking for orders. VLMs are perfect for operations with slow to medium pick rates and need to use minimal floor space. Typical industries who use VLMs are automotive, medical, electronics, and manufacturing companies. Below are a list of the key benefits of using a Vertical Lift Module in your operation:

1. Space Savings — This system allows you to densely store product all the way to the ceiling. This allows you to utilize your entire cube of space and operate in a smaller footprint.

2. Increased Pick Rates – A single operator can utilize dual machines for a continuous picking operation which will drastically increase your operations throughput rate.

3. Ergonomics — This is a goods to man technology which allows to order picker to have a high pick rate with no walking or wasted movement. All of the product comes down on tray which is at an ergonomic pick height.

4. Protection/Security – Product is protected from dust and damage while stored in this machine. This system also provides security and accountability by having user logins to access product.

5. Flexibility – Products stored in the machine can range from small parts in bins all the way to big bulky items. The levels are very flexible for your storage needs. You can also relocate or add more VLMs to your existing systems easily.

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