The secret of good taste — in accessories that allow a person to express their individuality in a suit. With accessories, you can vary the basic wardrobe, modify the same clothes for different seasons and occasions. Accessories specific to a business suit — is neckties, scarves, shawls, belts, cufflinks and brooches. From decorations — made of gold and silver, pearls or a pearl, a small, elegant and austere. They should emphasize the severity of the image and not to attract attention. In a formal setting unacceptable large, bright, ringing, noisy jewelry, ethnic earrings, a large number of metal bracelets, etc. It should also be excluded scarves and shawls in a folk style with bright floral motifs. 

A very important element of women’s business suit — a belt, giving a complete view of the costume, even if it is an ensemble consisting of blouse and skirt or jacket when withdrawn. Unacceptable zone, overloaded brilliant and ringing metallic fittings.

Men’s Accessories should limit the clock and a handkerchief in his breast pocket. Ties to pick monophonic, a fine figure of regular geometric forms.

Bags must not only conform to its purpose, but the style of dress , contain everything you need, and not be very large. For business suit does not fit the shape and soft bags made of leather with the active texture, for example, reminiscent of «aggressive» crocodile or snakeskin. Women of small stature is not necessary to choose large bags because visually they seem to be even lower.

Shoes should be strict, classical forms: women’s shoes should be flat, not too high heel. The combination of color shoe with strap, strap watch and a bag or briefcase is desirable, but modern fashion website and allow some mismatch. Unacceptable footwear bright, colorful painting on the challenging high-heeled shoes or heels of unusual forms. In a business suit is preferable shoes with closed toes. Better pick up stockings to match the shoes that are not visually shorten the length of the legs.

Add-ons and accessories shall conform to color suit — warm or cold.

Competently made clothing business style is not evident, well-equipped, allows you to create a rational and a wardrobe for a long time does not lose its relevance, ie goes out of fashion for several seasons.

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