Affordable Mental Health Treatment

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I Modalert looked up the medication’s side effects. Sure enough, swallowing and choking problems were listed. They weren’t common side effects but they were there. This led me to look at my other medications and what I found surprised me. Some were to be taken on an empty stomach, others within hours of eating and still others weren’t to be taken with certain foods. In one case, a pharmacist had missed the fact that one of my medications could react adversely with another one I was taking, setting off potential bleeding problems and raising the risk of a stroke!

There are dozens of natural cures that could end your pain, make you healthy and shield from disease much more effectively than drug medicine. We are the creators of sickness, the life style we became accustomed to, all the wrong food we select and assume life goes on regardless. Well, it doesn’t! Stimulants — You should avoid Stimulants that are the psychoactive drugs that induce temporary improvements in body and mind. They are used for different things like enhancing alertness, wakefulness, etc.

Some other sources are — caffeine, nicotine, amphetamines, modafinil, MDMA, cocaine, Ampakines, NRIs & NDRIs etc. For those who are consumed by the need to be the best, a drug that promises an edge can mean the world. When your ability is your identity, the notion of a magic pill seduces. A couple days ago my best friend told me about a drug called Provigil, which was originally invented to treat narcolepsy. Since its inception in 1998, the drug has found countless uses not only for narcoleptics but for anyone who wants to stay awake and pay attention.

Part of this drug’s appeal is the surprising absence of side effects. Because it is stimulant-like, and not an actual stimulant, the drug does not cause addiction. This means you should be able to list any foods or drugs to avoid within hours of taking your meds.

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