Age Spot Cream

One morning you’re washing your face and that little smudge of dirt just off to the right, slightly above your lip defies every attempt at removal. That’s when you realize «that’s an age-spot—not dirt»!

best anti wrinkle cream in indiaYou quickly grab the magnifying mirror and peer in it intently, for a close up view.

Yep! That’s an age-spot alright.

The pigment in that small area has darken considerably and shows up on your skin as a brownish dark area that looks for all the world like a smudge of dirt.

These commonly appear on the face, neck and back of hands and it is no coincidence these are the areas of the body most often exposed to UV rays from the sun over the years.

As the UV rays pour into your skin, your skin’s self-defense mechanism kicks in producing melanin (the pigment that causes skin darkening—a tan). Your body darkens your skin reducing the amount of UV rays absorbed in am attempt to stop the damage being done to the skin.

As the years go by the melanin builds up in the skin and eventually begins showing up as blotchy reddish to dark brown skin areas we all loving refer to as age-spots.

What to do? What to do? We don’t like seeing these spots and the idea of leaving them there—is of course unthinkable—you want it removed, but how?

There are innumerable products on the market to lighten and whiten skin. C-A-R-E-F-U-L!

Skin can be whiten, spots reduced or removed using an age-spot cream, but some cream/whiteners contain chemicals that are harsh on skin and outright dangerous to health (60% of all skin care products contain toxic elements).

You should avoid those. READ THE LABEL. Any product you use on your skin, near your mouth, nose and eyes must be safe and contain no toxins.

The best anti wrinkle cream in India way to reduce or eliminate age-spots is by reducing the amount of melanin built up in your skin. The most phenomenal product discovered at doing this is — Extrapone™. A derivative of the Nutgrass Root!.

This non-toxic all natural ingredient has been proven to greatly reduce melanin in the skin. Reducing melanin visibly reduces age-spots. An added benefit is it is incredibly useful in anti-aging and wrinkle reduction.

To discover more about the importance of a high quality non-toxic age-spot cream. Visit my web site!

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