6 sexy things about Sexiest Man Adam Levine

Manage your account settings. EST November 20, 2013Singer Adam Levine arrives a red carpet event for «The Voice» at Universal Studios Hollywood on Nov. 7, 2013, in Universal City, Calif.(Photo: Gregg DeGuire, Asics Kinsei4 men WireImage)What’s not to love about Adam Levine, especially when his newest title is «Sexiest Man Alive.» The People magazine news came out Tuesday night.»I feel fantastic,» Levine said on NBC’s The Voice in response to the announcement. «I feel sexy.»Here are some other labels that apply to the lead singer of Maroon 5 and host of The Voice, according to the show’s website:Yogi: Levine practices yoga everyday. On tour, he travels with a yoga instructor and practices before each concert.Adam Levine is waiting for ASICS DynaFlyte you on newsstands, lounging in a white shirt %26 looking all kinds of hot. The man is known for his flawless white tees, skinny jeans and cardigans.PHOTOS: Ambidextrous: Levine writes with his left hand but plays guitar right handed.Tattooed: Known for his many tattoos, Asics Kinsei4 men Levine has ‘Los Angeles’ on his right shoulder and ‘Mom’ on his right arm. There is also a shark and ASICS nimbus 17 flying eagle, according to People magazine’s map of his body ink.Dog Lover: He has a golden retriever named Frankie.Collaborator: Levine has partnered with Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, Ying Yang Twins and Kanye West.And, Asics gelquantum 362 SHIFT Levine tells People in the upcoming issue that he cries at movies, loves to be naked and is excited to marry his model fiance Behati Prinsloo. Nice guy!.

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