Automate Photoshop Shortcuts With an Overlay Keyboard

The two main main problems with the many shortcut keys in Adobe photoshop. First is trying to remembering them. The second reason is getting your fingers contorted so that you can activate the shortcut.

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S is real finger buster if you wish to Save for Web & Devices. To ungroup layers takes two hands to press the Ctrl+Shift+G shortcut. It is easier on the memory and the hand to grab the mouse and click away.

An overlay keyboard can solve each memory and the hand cramping problem of Photoshop strategies. On an overlay keyboard each key can be configured to reproduce any sequence of keys available on a standard computer keyboard. Each key is then labeled using a picture overlay which can be color coded and shaded to make finding keys effortless.

Using an overlay keyboard to reproduce Photoshop shortcut increases productivity in several ways:

1. Shortcuts are one key away.

2. Time spent clicking through menus is gone.

3. Tension in the hand is reduced.

4. Concentration remains on the career.

Shortcuts specified for to make using Photoshop quicker and easier. It stands to reasons why making shortcuts easier wireless will increase easy people. What is simpler then pressing one key to activate even most complicated shortcuts?

Clicking through Photoshop menus trying to choose a needed function is sometimes complicated. More wasteful is false clicks while searching for a little used reason. With an overlay keyboard the suitable function certainly available quickly and competently.

Contorting the hands to press a complicated shortcut tires the hand and hands and wrists. Some shortcuts require using both to press all the mandatory keys increasing tension. Keeping the hands relaxed makes for happier plus productive potential customers.

No one knows how many great ideas have been lost want . Photoshop user’s concentration was broken while trying keep in mind a shortcut or manipulate the pc mouse. With an overlay keyboard anyone’s attention remains on the job at turn.

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