A Backpacking Guide to Iceland

Iceland is a destination of stunning natural beauty and offers a range of activities for travelers. The Nordic country, situated just south of the Arctic Circle, can provide a great alternative experience for backpackers on a budget.


Iceland has lots of things to see and do across the . The Pearl monument is a landmark that comes with the top of Oskjuhlid and has a viewing platform affording stunning views to the city.

Art galleries, museums and monuments are plentiful throughout the capital Reykjavik and are worth visiting to understand its rich nautical history.

Despite its many cultural attractions, it is Iceland’s landscape and natural beauty get been the main reasons travelers are enthusiastic about the country such droves.

The Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa and a hugely popular attraction among travelers keeping in Reykjavik hostels. Backpackers may find it useful to fully grasp before and after entering the spa everyone must use the communal showers, so shy people watch out!

Whale-watching is a uniquely Icelandic pursuit and can be done in Reykjavik, Husavik and Akureyri. Backpackers can catch one of those unfortunate tours to the largest puffin colonies and marvel in the scene of nature at work.


The center of Reykjavik is the absolute right place to eat out and all involving cuisine from all corners of globe are available right here at reasonable prices.

Those seeking a traditional dining experience always be met with a choice of fish, lamb and dairy produce, that staples in the Icelandic diet.

The more adventurous backpacker can try traditional Viking-inspired Icelandic food such as Thorramatur, which can be a range of local dishes comprising cured meat and saltwater fish species.

A trip to the supermarket is one more cheap way to conjure up an actual Icelandic meal when using the kitchen facilities displayed most hostels in Iceland.

Going Out

Reykjavik is the place to go for the best nightlife in Iceland and travelers should get hold among the Iceland Travel Discount Card to use savings opportunities.

Clubs, bars and cafes are multi-functional and travelers could possibly be in a laid-back bar one minute and find that it has turned a club the next.

Clubs and bars tend to commenced late and backpackers can find themselves partying until 5am. Travelers unfamiliar with the area should ensure that they do not overdo it towards extent that usually are unable to understand back to their Reykjavik hostels.

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