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Penis pumps are devices used to increase the size of the penis. For the most part, penis pumps are safe — in fact, the only people who shouldn’t use them are guys taking blood-thinners, or suffering from sickle cell anemia and other blood disorders. Whether you’re looking for size, stamina or just sex appeal, our pumps will give you the look and feel of a bigger, thicker cock.

So, I have intermittently used penis pumps (vacuum pumps) for years, as a result of ongoing ED issues, primarily. Other clinical studies have reported early sexual function, penile length preservation, and high satisfaction rates among men who routinely used a penis vacuum pump after prostate surgery.

A penis pump is an apparatus used to stimulate the penis into an erection, generally for the purpose of sexual intercourse where insertion is desired. The maker has also tested the pump pressure, of course limiting the pressure to be at a level that is safe for the penis.

Men with Peyronie’s disease who also experience erectile dysfunction are likely to notice an improvement in erectile function as well when using a penis pump. A pumping mechanism is attached to one end of an acrylic cylinder and the other is then placed around the flaccid or non-erect penis.

Today’s best penis pumps can be used regardless of whether you’re circumcised or uncircumcised. Medical penis pumps are safe to use with proper application and the right expectations. In fact, most of today’s top devices are designed with a medical endorsement and some are even covered by private insurance.

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