Behringer Ultra-DI DI400P Passive DI-Box

The ULTRA-DI DI400P Passive DI-Box is great for getting an instrument’s signal to the mixing board in a clean manner. Direct injection boxes act as an input converter, an impedance reducer, and a ground loop eliminator. The rugged, metal case and size make it a go to for traveling to different venues.

Because ¼’ cables are unbalanced, they are susceptible to high impedance; especially when there is no signal boost from the source and when they are longer than 15 feet. This impedance is caused by only having a hot and ground connections in the cable. The Behringer DI-box will eliminate this interference and convert the signal for the XLR output jack to use. If a cable is connected without the box, a low hum will be heard. Most input devices use XLR connections. This is mainly because the cables are balanced allowing for a much longer length. The ¼» TRS input jack will allow for this conversion to occur.

The Thru/Out ¼» TRS jack allows you to send the unbalanced signal to an amplifier or other device, acting as a pass-through. This could be for connecting to devices on stage while the balanced signal goes back to the board for processing. You can actually connect speakers with the max output of 3,000 watts. This is great for a small setup. To perform this, you will need an XLR cable and a TRS cable.

Ground Looping
Ground looping happens when the connected devices are plugged into the same power source. An electrical signal passes between all devices in the loop and causes very audible feedback. The DI400P provides the option of a ground lift switch. Toggle the switch to see what the best results is.

Overall, this is a great addition to any setup. Controlling the signal is the best thing for any production, whether it be live or recorded. A direction injection box will ensure that you are getting the best sound quality out of your devices all while protecting them from any feedback.

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