Better Order Fulfillment Through UNEX Carton Flow

Logic is a top tier integrator for UNEX’s innovative carton flow solution that drops into existing structures to create a robust flow system for any operation. Our full-width roller lanes and universal wheel beds are engineered-to-order to create the ultimate order picking environment. Benefits Versatility Span-Track can be added to any new or existing pallet rack. No shelves or intermediate support required. Superior Flexibility Span-Track provides the flexibility to store products with a wide variation in size and weight. High Capacity, Durability Span-Track takes the abuse of active warehouses and assembly plants. Dynamic bed style Span-Track provides maximum carton support and up to 300% more product contact than plastic wheel rails, resulting in better flow, fewer hang-ups and increased throughput.

Span track allows our customer’s to have the most flexibility possible in their order fulfillment process. The design allows for protection of lot integrity by utilizing the First-In First-Out (FIFO) storage method. The lanes allow for a high level of organization or product. This allows for simultaneous order picking while a replenishment of product is occurring. All of these aspects help to create a high density storage system with long term flexibility.

Span-Track Lane and Bed Features:

• Drop-in design for easy installation • Freezer/cooler rated to below zero

• Light, standard, and heavy duty capacity choices

• Knuckled end treatment for improved ergonomic each picks

• Customizable end treatments that attach easily to any pallet rack setup

• Interior notching saves vertical space

• Available in to-the-inch increments

• 7-year warranty

• Maximum flexibility left-to-right for reslotting

• Shark fin infeed guides ease replenishment

For a consultation on how we can transform your order fulfilment process by using dynamic carton flow call us at 1 (844) Logic MH or email us at

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