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Buy Mens Clothes

Clothes’s shopping for men has got a lot harder over the years as more men are dressing up just as much as women these days and at times take as long to do so as well.

It is come to an age when clothes shopping for men has moved from the ‘grab a pair of jeans and T-shirt and that’s it’ to ‘does my bum look big in these?’ age not to mention the fragrances and styling products or even the skincare range that men have are on the same level as women. Although the bonus is we have men that look and smell good but that can bring a few problems, like trying to get into the bathroom because he is hogging it or using up your favourite shampoo because it makes his hair feel soft and shiny.

The rate at new clothes shops on the high street and online has shot up in recent years to cope with an ever increasing demand as ‘New Age’ men have come on the scene, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the ‘equivalent of women’s little black dress’ suit. Every man HAS to have one, it is the backbone of everyman’s wardrobe, it is versatile, smart, casual, perfect for every occasion and these days you have shops like Topman, Burtons and Next have a huge section of just suits of all colours, materials and fit, as well as all the accessories needed to complete it, and even if your man isn’t one of those New Age’ men chances are they took the time to go and get fitted for it. Just like us they now have their own clothes catalogues like premierman and jacamo that will send their eagerly awaited fashion straight to their door. Give them time and they will probably match your shoe collection as well.

Now we come to hair and skincare, gone are the days when men went to the barber for a short back and sides, now they are wearing their hair slightly longer, more styled and maybe even coloured and go to the same salons as us as they prefer the whole cut and blow-dry. And the products out there are enough to smother ours from pre shaving cream to after shaving balm, then there are the moisturisers and fragrances some of them are so nice that all you want to do is follow the smell all the way down the street wither you know the man or not! And to top it all off they want to pluck their eyebrows and manicure their nails YUCK! When did men stop being men?

But on the whole it does come down to the individual as to how much of a new man they want to be, as for my man? A little fragrance is all the new age I can stand.


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