Causes of Hair Loss And Hair Transplant Procedures

Hair transplantation is a surgical technique, that is used to treat variable levels of androgenic baldness in men and ladies. it’s a surgery during which hairless areas are crammed with hair in contrast to alternative surgery procedures, during this treatment, your own hair is transplanted and no external donor is required.

It is traditional to lose up to one hundred hairs daily, however, losing quite which will spell bother. it’s then that you just need medical intervention and obtain yourself diagnosed. You can visit a general doctor for the preliminary identification. If needed you will be referred to a specialist, an specialist or a trichologist.

The most common causes of hair fall include:

Physical stress because of overwork sickness, accident, injuries, childbirth, emotional disorders, or surgery which may cause telogen emission

Usage of contraception pills by girls

Pregnancy in girls which may lead to secretion imbalances

Scalp infections like mycosis or plant life infections

Poor diet, particularly less protein intake, which may cause hair loss as hair strands are primarily product of the macromolecule, keratin

Excessive hair styling and colouring


Genetic hair loss

Autoimmune disorders like alopecia, or lupus, wherever the system of the body attacks its own healthy cells, as well as hair follicles

Chemotherapy which may lead to spot phalacrosis or complete phalacrosis

Taking excessive amounts of fat-soluble vitamin supplements

Male pattern phalacrosis caused by a mix of family genes and male hormones

Female pattern phalacrosis caused by family genes

Medical conditions like anemia, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) in girls, feeding disorders, and thyroid malady

Vitamin B deficiency within the body

Sudden weight loss because of physical trauma

Burns and X-rays can also cause fulminant temporary hair loss

Taking medicines like blood thinners and anti-depressants

Trichotillomania that is associate degree impulse management disorder inflicting folks to obsessionally pull out their own hair

Natural ageing, particularly once folks enter their 50s or 60s.
The hair transplantation procedures are:

Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)

A extremely advanced technique of hair transplantation, FUT is performed in a very manner, that imitates the pattern of natural hair growth and is a perfect selection for those who have massive bald areas on their head. This procedure involves removing a whole strip of hair from a ‘donor area’ wherever hair fall is a smaller amount and hair growth remains thick. the realm from wherever the strip is taken is sutured going a linear scar on the scalp. The follicular units contain fat glands (oil glands), nerves, a little muscle, and a few fine hairs referred to as vellus hairs. Thousands of those vesicle unit grafts area unit placed into small incisions created on the bald areas of the patient’s scalp, conjointly referred to as the ‘recipient areas’, in a very single session. The hair growth from these grafts follow a awfully natural growth pattern, giving freely no tell-tale signs of surgery. FUT hair transplant prices Rs. 20 to Rs. 40 per graft.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

FUE as against the FUT procedure, could be a hair transplant methodology during which the doctor extracts the vesicle units of hair, from the donor space of your head, one by one. The doctor uses atiny low microneedle, that punches a little incision around a follicle before extraction. Each unit contains one to four hairs. These one, to four hair groupings (called follicular unit grafts), are then transplanted into the hairless areas of your head. during this methodology therefore, there’s no want for the doctor to create an extended incision within the donor space, as within the FUT procedure. this can be a perfect methodology of surgery for patients who wish to wear their hair short. This technique is additionally is additionally suggested for patients who have a decent scalp or have antecedently undergone the ‘strip’ or FUT technique however with very little success. FUE hair transplant prices Rs. 35 to Rs. 100 per graft.

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