Our world is composed of many objects; which pose no threat or expose us to danger. Since many parents believe exposing their children to violence, profanity, nudity and explicit audio will corrupt their moral attitude it falls into the category of danger.
Many parents know an enormous amount of this information exists on the web. Thus, they have either forbid their children to use the web totally or required their supervision while exploring it. Until now this is all parents could do if they had this view or concern.
Thanks to modern technology and a dedicated group of parents, an organization was founded to rate web sites, based on this content. The group set up the rating credentials and had looked to large ISP owners and software vendors for a solution.
One of the first companies to get involved produced a product called Surf Watch. ISP’s started to charge minimal fees to update their customers with newly added web sites to block Surf Watch and other packages are now supported by many Internet providers.
Surf Watch is not only a piece of software that loads on your computer but a service. Each time you connect to your ISP the Surf Watch local engine is updated with newly added web sites that meet the restricted criteria.
Surf Watch is a special program which blocks sexually explicit sites by disabling your browser from accessing them. Surf Watch sells for under a $100.00 in stores and most ISP’s charge between 4-8 dollars/month to offer continual web site updates. The problem is that if you install a blocking software one will always be able to access what it doesn’t know, thus you must subscribe to the web block or watch service from you ISP.
When someone tries to access a restricted site the computer will say this site has been blocked by Surf Watch , Net Nanny, etc. The program is shrewd enough that it can fool even the most intuitive computer buff.
There is also a feature which allows Surf Watch to be enabled or disabled but I don’t want to give security information, because everyone is reading this.

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