What to Do If Your Dell Laptop Charger Stops Working

bestec power supplyIf you own a Dell laptop, then let’s take a moment to understand what your Laptop Charger is. It’s a device which supplies energy to a laptop. All you have to do is plug it into an electrical outlet and it begins working immediately. It works in a double way. The energy will charge the computer’s battery while providing power for the computer as well. A typical dell laptop charger takes input supply of 100-240V (or roughly 1.5A) and output of 19.5 V (or roughly 3.34A).

Your charger may stop working for various reasons. It may be because of inadequate power supply or the charger could become worn and frayed so that the wiring is exposed. If that is what has happened, then the Charger could stop working and will not charge laptop. Even if the device is still functioning and you notice this problem, stop using it. It could be a fire hazard and that’s a risk you shouldn’t take.

Check how long you have been using the charger

Dell recommends batteries to run for 18 to 24 months. After this run time, there might be a need to change them. If this is the case, browse through Dell website and go to «Dell Adapters and Chargers» Section. On the displayed page, choose your laptop model like Inspiron, Adamo, Alienware, Studio etc. Typically your model number can be found engraved on your Dell laptop

What if your laptop is still in warranty period?

If your Dell laptop charger is not working and you are still in warranty period, then Dell have strong replacement guaranty. You need to contact Dell customer support to log a ticket and they will explain you the entire process. If you are not aware of customer support contact details, log on to dell.com website and click on «Contact Technical Support» section. You have options to call them, email them or chat online with expert advisors of Dell.

Should we go for cheaper non-Dell replacement batteries?

There are a lot of companies making replacement chargers and selling them at cheaper price than original Dell laptop chargers. Some of these chargers might work as well but it is always recommended to accept genuine Dell Poweredge power supply chargers as they are well equipped and are compliant to Dell’s product standard. They are engineered to enhance safety and performance of your Dell System. Also, only Dell laptop chargers are supported by Dell technicians and if there is a problem in your system because of frayed non-Dell battery, then Dell might not replace it.

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