Discount Hotels

Traveling need not be too expensive, especially if you know how to cut back on accommodation expenses. You don’t need to look very far, because every tourist destination probably has several discounted hotel rates. Did you know that staying in these discount hotels could slash more than half of what you would pay on a regular room?

Common misconceptions

Just because a hotel offers discounts does not mean that the quality of the room and amenities is below standard. Offering discounts is actually a common practice, even among big hotel chains, especially during off-seasons. Smart travelers take advantage of these discounts to book otherwise exorbitantly priced rooms. There are times when you can rent a suite for less than the price of a regular room!

Contrary to popular belief, discount hotels are not hard to find. In Europe, for instance, there are discount hotels everywhere — you just have to know where to look. Avoid hotels that are frequented often by tourists, because they are likely to be very pricey. Be more adventurous and walk further down the main squares — you will likely find decent, mid-grade accommodations. You will pay so much less and still get all the basic amenities that bigger hotels offer.

Basic to 3-star hotels are not as bad as you may think. In fact, they are by no means substandard in service and comfort, and are highly comparable to better-rated hotels.

Always be on the lookout for signs wherever you are. They just might point you in the direction of a good discount hotel. If you really want the best deals, travel during off-season (late fall through winter). Hotels usually bring their prices down and compete for your business during these times.

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