Dog Training Collars — A Helping Tool

Dog training collars have been around since the late 20th century. They have not gained wide acceptance at the early stages due to their limited options and quite often drastic measures of application. Over time collars have become more and more favorable as quality of the products drastically changed, spectrum of options grew, as well as the ease of use. As dog training collars were slowly emerging from the surface as a product that «works», manufacturers continued on implementing better electronics, better material, and made these collars superior over majority of orthodox training techniques.

Dog training collars come in countless styles, from the most basic types such us choke collars, or otherwise known as «slip» collars, to multiple remote controlled dog training collars which aid in training more than one pet. Whatever the need, consumers have realized that options are endless in today’s society, and that can often be a troublesome experience. Not only are there tens of different types, but tens of various manufacturers for every type, with each developer promising the highest rate of training success. Not to mention the emerging hunting market which is growing very rapidly with new dog training collars for almost anything. With this in mind, consumers today face a much more difficult decision than ever before, with the growing popularity of training collars, they have to decide if to use them, and if so, which product is better.

Dog training collars can be somewhat broken up into a few categories. The first would be the simplest type, such as choke collars (slip collars). These types are exceptional for training a dog how to act and behave during a walk. Consumers have enough stress in their lives as it is, and the added stress of a dog jumping on people, pulling back and forth is something one should be able to minimize. The second type would be the basic training collars, which are in most cases controlled by a remote. These types are an excellent resource if one aims in teaching their best friend the simplest commands, such as sit, come, heel, or minimize barking etc. The third type would be the advanced training collars.

These are also controlled by a remote, but with a multitude of added options, have much more range, but in most cases are a bit more expensive. Advanced collars are an exceptional tool for those seeking for a more professional obedience training. Multiple dog training collars would be considered a fourth type. This product works in the same manner as an advanced or a basic training collar system, with the addition of more than one collar to a remote. With this type of system, a trainer can teach obedience of more than one dog, or as a matter of fact, use to control more than one hunting dog. This introduces the last but not least type, the hunting dog training collar system. Again these types are equipped with most of the features one would get from an advanced system, but with the focus of a few other options to aid in training a dog to be a good hunting partner.

Every individual that owns a canine knows the importance of having a well behaved and smart dog. An obedient and intelligent dog makes the experience of having a four legged best friend much more exciting and enjoyable. A well trained pet is one that can be taken anywhere, an animal that can be trusted anywhere. Dog training collars give that specific advantage of making ones loyal friend trustworthy, friendly and safe. Although there are countless of techniques of getting obedience training for a pet, from acquiring the needed skills from books and other information references, sending a dog to obedience schools, and teaching with the aid of training collars, the highly growing in popularity is the dog training collar system.

Dog training collar system tends to be a more expensive initial investment if choosing other than a choke collar, but one that pays itself off very quickly. For instance, books are a very inexpensive technique, but require a lot of time to learn and initiate all the required actions. Although books/videos tend to be the least expensive technique, they require a lot of time, and in these days, very rarely does anyone have the time to spend countless weeks in teaching a dog simple commands like sit, heel etc, let alone anything more advanced, and as everyone knows, time is money. Providing that necessary time to train a dog using orthodox methods usually referenced from books/vides requires eliminating that time from sometimes more important tasks such as work, or family time.

On the other hand, sending a dog or a puppy to an obedience school quite often requires the same amount of investment as a training collar. Not to mention that that dog will not be trained by the owner, but by someone else which often the dog will not be able to refer back to the owner. Even choosing obedience schools where the owner takes part in the training, again that can get expensive and time consuming. In addition, that style of training once is over cannot be done over again unless one is willing to pay more. Dog training collar system, although seemingly expensive at the initial stage, saves much precious time in comparison to other techniques, but also allows it to be used over and over, or even sold used, saving money. Although some believe that training collars are a very unfriendly form of dog obedience schooling, in reality these systems are very safe. Any equipment that is used in an abusive manner can be unsafe. Dog training collars are meant to teach a dog to behave rather than punish them, and if used in the manner shown, such collars will help teach a pet to be a very smart and obedient family member.

In conclusion, dog training collars are an exceptional utility that is not only very safe, practical and effective, but also very time efficient and in the long run an investment that pays for itself. With the wide range of options and styles available on the market, every dog owner will have no trouble finding one for the required task. One should always remember, that before purchasing a training collar, one should acquire advice from an expert, not just a summer time student working at some pet store.

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