Easy guide on how to envision betslip on Bet9ja

Sports betting is very popular nowadays in Nigeria and beyond. Every single day a lot of Nigerians wonder how to look at the result of their bet on Bet9ja prediction site especially when they simply cannot follow the live proceedings of the event. To finish this, you can follow this easy guide means check betslip on Bet9ja.

The next thing you do after putting a bet on any sporting event on Bet9ja.com is to start checking the live score to be able to the response of the game you’ve placed a bet on. For most popular sports events which includes the European Leagues football matches amongst others, you can view the game live or follow the live reporting online. But there couple of sports events and games from some countries that you’ll have placed a bet on device not entirely on cable TV or online for for you to monitor the live proceedings. As a result of this, you will have to check your Bet9ja coupon/ betslip comprehend whether you won or lost the bet. So in this kind of case when you are unable to ensure the results of the event on anyone placed a bet, undertake it ! go to your Bet9ja prediction site to see your coupon slip. The steps adhere to are explained below

To look at your betslip result on your computer, follow these simple steps: Visit the Bet9ja website at www.bet9ja.com. On the site homepage, pick a small box with the header «Coupon Check.» A lot more find it at the importance top corner of your screen. Copy and paste your betslip ID in this particular box and then click the arrow key.

How to examine Bet9ja coupon betslip on your mobile device To look at your coupon result on your mobile, follow these simple steps: Go to the Bet9ja mobile website version at mobile.bet9ja.com. Mouse click the «Check» option. Enter your betslip ID in the box provided and visit «Check.» Any one the two ways explained above will display your betslip. Using most of them, a person are check your betting slip to know whether you won or lost the bet. The majority of they always say, make sure to bet responsibly. READ ALSO: Best betting sites in Nigeria

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