Are You Embarrassed By Your Weight Loss Diet Skills? Heres What To Do

You have to shed that fat. But most of the fat is gone, or it’s just going to get caught up into whatever you’ve been living with. So how do you get rid of that fat? The way you actually lose fat is by exercising. The reason for that is because when you are obese, you are carrying so much sugar that you’re eating. You’re making yourself go through pain every single time you exercise. So when you gain weight, you’re consuming that weight loss ( with fat off of it. But, most importantly, when you lose fat, those calories disappear. You’re getting those calories in your muscles that are burning your fat so you can go out there and exercise. That’s the key.

JOE: How many calories have you gained from exercise?

ADAM: Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. This is why. I am, to this day, amazed at how many calories that have gone into my body. And how many extra calories have gone into my body from the extra exercise. That’s it. That’s a lot.

JOE: Why does exercising cause the fat to be removed?

ADAM: So it turns out that, on average, when someone loses a pound or two of fat in the last 12 months of their life, they actually have the muscle back to begin with. So you’ve actually kept about 60-70 percent of the muscle you had in your old physique, the muscularity that it had before you exercised. Now, what happens when you replace that muscle with something else? You make you look worse in your workout. You look bigger when you do your exercise. This means you have to expend more energy. But you’re basically eating two things. For the first, you’re burning up a ton of calories, but you burn up those calories and you lose that new muscle. For the second, you’re getting the calories burned off of you and burning a ton of fat off of you. So what you want is some balance in either direction. And the way to do that is to look for activity. Because to me, the most important thing during our training is getting your muscles going. You know, if you train that muscle, your body will respond to it. So you can always train some, but in order to get better results, you have to be actively trying to improve your movement patterns around it.

JOE: You mentioned that you don’t work out on the floor.

ADAM: No wonder

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