What are examples of male spanish clothes

Unos artículos de ropa para hombres son: zapatos, pantalones, camisas, sombreros, gorras, calcetines, cinturones, abrigos, ropa interior, pañuelos, y otros.

What are examples of collective nouns collections of clothes?
Examples of collective nouns for clothes are: a rack of clothes bundle of clothes a closet of clothes a basket of clothes a collection of clothes

What is clothes in Spanish?
Clothes is ‘la ropa’ in Spanish.

How do you say clothes in Spanish?
Clothes (Clothings) in Spanish is «ropa»

On sims 3 can male sims only wear ‘male’ clothes or can you switch it up?
only male clothes..haha sorry.

What does the word clothes mean in spanish?
The word «clothes» does not exist in the Spanish language.

How do you say iron clothes in spanish?
«To iron clothes» is «planchar ropa» in Spanish.

How do you spell student male in Spanish?
The name of male in spanish is masculino

How can a male wear men clothes more like a female or how can a male make men clothes look feminine?
First off but androgenous clothes traditionally shirts and jeans are androngenous

What is male teacher in spanish?
English: Teacher (male) Spanish: Profesor or Maestro

How do you say Male Singer in Spanish?
Cantante masculino, is Spanish for male singer.

What do Spanish people wear to a special occasion?
Spanish clothes

Where to shop clothes in Thailand?
Depends on whether you are looking for male, female or she-male.

How to say to change clothes in Spanish?
to change clothes = cambiar de ropa

How do you say i like your clothes in spanish?
I like your clothes = Me gusta su ropa

What is wears in Spanish?
In Spanish «Wears» as in «she WEARS beautiful clothes» is «llevar.»

What are the four additional Spanish letters?
‘Ch’, ‘ll’, ‘ñ’ and ‘rr’ are four additions that are considered distinct, separate letters in the Spanish alphabet by Spanish language speakers. Examples of their use include ‘fecha’ ['date'], ‘pollo’ ['chicken'], ‘niño’ [male 'child'], and ‘perro’ [male 'dog']. Not one of the four letters is considered a distinct, separate letter in the English alphabet by English language speakers.

What are some examples of abiotic factors?
Some examples are: Utensils Electronics Clothes Shoes

How do you spell female in Spanish?
The term «female» in Spanish is hembra. (The familiar male form is hombre — male, man).

How do you say examples in Spanish?
Example in spanish is Ejemplo

What is the Pronoun for the clothes?
The pronoun that takes the place of the noun clothes is they as a subject and them as an object. Examples: I like your new clothes. They look so good on you. Where did you get them?

How do you say extra small in Spanish?
Extra chica (talla)— for clothes pequeñísimo, a (not for clothes size)

What do spanish explorers wear?
wool clothes

What is traje?
That would be Spanish for a suit (of clothes).

What Spanish pronoun refers to a male friend?
There is no particular pronoun in Spanish that refers specifically to «male friend», but the concept (as in English) can be replaced by «he». «He» in Spanish is «El» (with an accent mark).

Is Juan male or female?
Male. Juan is Spanish for John

Examples of cultural traits?
what you eat or the clothes you wear

What is the Spanish legacy of Texas?
What are examples of the Spanish legacy in Texas

What is the spanish word for male teacher?
male teacher = profesor or maestro

What are the examples of common gender in birds?
Male, Female and both Male and Female.

What does el traje mean in spanish?
«the suit (clothes)»

How do you say to fold clothes in spanish?
arregla ropa

Lazy in Spanish?
Lazy in spanish is perezoso for a male and perezosa for a female.

Can an American male marry a Spanish male and gain Spanish citizenship?
Yes — within a very short matter of time ( a year and a half)

Does Alta mean tall in Spanish?
»Alta» does mean tall in Spanish but it depends whether if you a Male or a Female. Male — »Alto» Female — »Alta»

What clothes can you make for a male guinea pig?
shirts and hats…

Real life examples of obtuse triangles?
Clothes Hangers

Examples of physical needs of a person?
Food Clothes Shelter

What are examples of clothes in Poland?
completely nude maybe socks

GIVE examples of monopolistic competition in economics?
the common examples of monopolistic competition are foods,clothes,newspaper etc

What are some examples of an electric charge?
two examples are: 1. clothes out a dryer 2. A flash in a lightning bolt

What are the examples of shopping?
some examples of shopping are going to Kohls and buying clothes or going to Target and buying a CD

Where can one buy clothes horses?
One can buy clothes horses from many different stores, online and offline. Some examples of stores that sell clothes horses include eBay and Clothes Horses.

What type of clothes do Spanish people wear?
The Spanish dress like most people of European origin.

How do you say we have a male professor in spanish?
Profesór is the spanish word for male professor. Profesora is a female professor. Maestro/Maestra for teacher male/female. «Tengo un profesór» means I have a [male] professor. «Tenemos un profesór» means we have a [male] professor. The spanish word for male is masculino. «Tengo un profesór masculino» would be a redundant statement that repeats itself redundantly over again.

Male teacher in spanish?
A male teacher could be translated as «maestro» or «profesor.»

What do you call a male teacher in spanish?
The Spanish word for a male teacher is maestro. Also, you can use the word professor. For female teachers, it is maestra and profesora.

What does galan mean in spanish?
When translated in Spanish it means handsome,attractive male, leading man. In other words it is a huge complement to the male gender.

Who are the male Spanish lawn tennis players ranked in the top the ATP rankings and what are their rankings?
Male Spanish lawn tennis players of the atp ranking

What is the Spanish word for male?

How do you translate clothes for sale in spanish?
«Se Vende Esta Ropa» means this clothes is for sale. Or if you literally mean clothes for sale you say «Ropa En Venta». I speak fluent spanish so that should help you. Sometimes when you use an online translater it gives you a translation that common people who speak spanish might not understand. Glad i could help

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