Feedback — When Nature Gets Even

Finally you could escape for two weeks. You needed this, after month of hard work. And than you want only one thing — sun & beach. The moment you arrive at your holiday resort and you prepare for a dive in the see…

revenge songsThis is about the nature — nurture discussion. Nature is what we all know about the flora and fauna and the natural world around us. Nurture is all that what we have learned, built and destroyed (amongst other things — nature).

If you have any queries regarding the place and how to use revenge songs (visit my webpage), you can get hold of us at the site. Nature gets even when we (nurture) are confronted with our short-sighted actions that will retaliate by more powerful forces of the natural environment. Of many disasters we are not able to tell their real cause — was the tsunami caused by global warming — I couldn’t tell.
But there are many examples where we can tell. Take for example this fact; the explosion of the jellyfish:
Nature abhors a vacuum. Wipe out one creature, and another will move in. Mammals leveraged this principle when the reign of dinosaurs ended. Now in a smaller way, jellyfish are taking over. In a region off the west coast of Africa in the Atlantic Ocean, heavy fishing in recent decades has depleted fish stocks while leading to increased numbers of jellyfish. Now with some hard data in hand, scientists are calling it a jellyfish explosion. In fact the jellyfish are so numerous in the study area that they now represent more biomass than all the fish combined. Their numbers, ironically, are beginning to «significantly interfere with fishing operations,» the researchers report in the July 12 issue of the journal Current Biology website

… you do not understand why nobody is swimming … Anyhow, you get in. The moment you have waited for, swimming in the see, leaving all worries behind … and than, when you least expect it, you are stung by a jellyfish. Not a big deal most of the time, but still a nuisance.

And this is only a single incident, but if south coast (of Spain for instance) is attacked by a jellyfish plague, there is a real problem. Tourism is at stake. Before you know it the spotless image is contaminated; «don’t go there because of the jellyfish, they are all over the place.»

Now that tourism is at stake, the problem of overfishing will be addressed. Will the economic counter-force of tourism be strong enough to fight against the economic power of the food industry? We will find out…

C 2006 Hans Bool

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