Everyone wants to get a luxurious life in today’s world. But the reason is the education they do not have the way to get the luxurious life. The mindset they have is there are no jobs and unemployment everywhere in the world. So, they stop trying and slip into the problems of life. But the one who keeps trying and believes in himself taste the success. This happens because after trying, again and again, he experiences many rejections and after he thinks about the solution of the rejections. In short, he learns from failure instead of stop trying. Someone said very great words «Instead of Great Beginning, We Should have the Beginning». In the present world, the success key is the competitive exams. After clearing competitive exams, we can get the luxurious, secure and long-lasting career. The best competitive exams in the present era are the GATE and SSC-JE Exams.

G.A.T.E means Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering. It is a national level test for the technical people like Engineers/Technical/master’s Degree holder or the student in last year of the graduation. Students from all 23 streams can appear for the test. GATE collectively conducted by the IIS (Indian Institute of Science) and IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) in the 7 major states of India. This test checks the understanding of candidate about the Science and Technology. But you need to get prepared for the test and best is GATE Coaching in Chandigarh.

SSC JE means Staff Selection Commission Junior Engineer. This test is conducted by Government of India. Three Departments: Civil, Mechanical and Electrical can appear on the test. One more hurdle is the candidate should be in last year of the B. Tech or 3 years of diploma holder. This is two rounds process with the test in the first round and those who qualify the round will go for 2nd round which is the personal interview. To prepare the test, there is SSC JE coaching in Chandigarh.

Benefits: GATE test gives the best, secure and long-lasting job career with great status in society. The government owns some companies which generally called PSU (Public Sector Undertaking). These PSU’s gives 3000 jobs offer every year with salary package in the range of 11lakhs to 14lakhs. State Government gives the job in the salary range of 7lakh to 11lakh. Further, the people who are in master’s Degree after Clearing GATE gets the financial help of 12400INR every month by Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD).

For SSC JE, there are 1500+ jobs offered every year by the Government of India. The job offered to the candidate will be under Central Government or An Officer rank job with great V.I.P status and 25 years of job career. The salary range will be 5lakh to 7lakh per annum. There will be the promotion to Assistant Engineer after 5 years of experience. The SSC JE comes under CWC & FB (Farakka Barrage), PDWD Department of posts, BRO (Border Roads Organization), and MES (Military Engineering Services). The hike in salary by the Central Government is very impressive.

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