Getting Even With Those Who Help You is an Inspiring Concept, Especially When it Relates to Seniors

I’m at the age where I’m considered a Senior member of the community. I’m married to a woman 23 years my junior and have always maintained friendships with people much younger than myself, simply because I never think «old» and never want to socialize with people whose biggest focus is on their aches and pains. Now, whenever I attend a family function or friendly get-together, I realize that these «younger» friends and acquaintances freely exhibit the very complaining I was trying to avoid. So, although I haven’t personally succumbed to this moaning and groaning, I am willing to at least concede that complaining has more to do with the individual’s state of mind than with their age. Right now I’m proud to be a Senior and especially since the economy went into the toilet, I step up, admit that I’m a Senior and accept Senior discounts whenever they’re offered.

Not too long ago, I learned about a fellow named John E. Southard from a Cryptoquote I completed in Newsday, and it went like this: «The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you.» That positive one line quote, along with the exceptional and courteous service I received recently from an office staffed by Senior workers in the tax division at Oyster Bay’s Town Hall, plus the content of a recent Newsday article about the daunting task Seniors face finding a job in today’s economy, started me thinking of how I can help some Seniors navigate the rough waters on their return voyage to the workforce.

I’ve been at company’s that hired young men and women right out of college because they had the education in a particular discipline. But it’s always the Senior worker who has to guide them because of their lack of experience and help them negotiate through industry protocol; and it is these very same experienced individuals who can’t get the respect they deserve when attempting to return from the ranks of the employed. From my own first hand, job-seeking experiences, it’s unbelievable how truly disrespectful the business community has been to it’s older population. (Did you know that people ages 50+ make up 30+% of the population?) Whatever happened to the tried and trusted values associated with promptness, perseverance, honesty, reliability and experience?

Although I have a while to go before reaching Clint Eastwood’s age of 80, he has nevertheless provided me added inspiration and confirmed my beliefs in what I need to successfully compete in today’s marketplace. He remains «current» in his thoughts and actions and maintains his willingness to keep on working, learn new things, and never retire. That is exactly parallel to my thinking.

So if you’re a Senior who’s been there, done that by attending disappointing, overcrowded job fairs that are looking primarily for sales people, consider this. You’re already experienced in the things colleges can’t instill in a student, like promptness, perseverance, honesty, trustworthiness, and reliability. You already have job experience and chances are favorable that you possess a legible handwriting, can do math in your head, know grammar, punctuation and know how to speak with people on the phone. So what will it take to make you more desirable to a future employer? Learn the computer, it’s oh, so very easy, and it’s the one thing you can learn in a couple of days at the most; either PC or Mac, or even both. (Your local library probably has a program that can assist you).

Learning new software like Word or Excel is almost as easy, but easy nevertheless. Once you are in learning mode, you’ll start to become inquisitive enough to investigate the millions of other learning opportunities in your field of interest. So make learning how to use the computer your very first step. Also, consider going into business for yourself, maybe even on the internet. Don’t let yourself down by becoming discouraged. You’ve got a long and productive life ahead of you if you use your unemployed time to learn, learn, learn. Believe me, when the economy rebounds and you return to find a job, you’ll be the one that has everything they’re looking for. I truly believe that, because that’s what I, myself am betting on If you enjoyed this article and you would such as to get even more info regarding revenge songs kindly visit our own web site. .

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