Heal Your Anxiety With Higher-Consciousness Healing

The following case-study about healing anxiety demonstrates what can be achieved by practicing the simple self-help practice of higher-consciousness healing.

Jack port (55 years) was a highly skilled business man who had been very successful in his profession until two years ago when he had still left his past placement to come to live with his partner in a new country. Jack got believed it would end up being extremely easy for him to find a brand-new work but despite sending out hundreds of applications he acquired not really actually been invited to a solitary interview. Jack port was beside himself with nervousness which he tested as 7 out of 10 on the size of struggling.

When we talked on the subject of his work situation in even more detail it turned away that in his deepest center Jack wanted to open a restaurant rather than move back again into the corporate world. But Jack port today experienced so anxious that he could not really even think about getting a sole proprietor. Therefore I led him into relaxation and he received a golden essential as a healing-symbol to obtain over his concerns. I demonstrated him how to visualize this symbol in heart, envelop himself in a bubble of love and gradual down his breathing with the anti-anxiety breathing. After each out-breath he got to lengthen the space before deep breathing in once again. There and after that Jack port was capable to totally melt his panic about his job circumstance — something that had not happened for many months.

When Jack port came back after another two weeks he reported that the sign had brought him a lot of ease and comfort. He slept better, he experienced less stress and anxiety but he still sensed emotionally up and down a great deal. Thankfully, his self-confidence got therefore very much improved that he got made a decision to move ahead with his strategy to open a restaurant and to allow his partner to care financially for him in the meantime. That would possess been totally out of issue before. Still, Jack port felt quite stressed at the prospect of departing the security of an utilized work behind in favour of getting a sole proprietor.

In the next session I emphasised that Jack would be perfectly able to solve his monetary situation once he had his fears under control. Jack was doubtful but willing to give it a try. I after that demonstrated him that all his feelings manifested as tensions in his physical body (something he experienced been entirely ignorant of) and that he could melt these tensions by soothing and letting the loving light of his symbol ton into these parts of his body. At the end of the session Jack port sensed better than he got carried out for redirected here a extremely longer period and I directed him to maintain dissolving all his negative emotions on a daily basis, no matter whether great or poor stuff happened.

After another two weeks Jack reported that he was able to dissolve most of his negative feelings and — not surprisingly — he had started to get involved in several promising business ventures with previous colleagues. He felt all-round a lot better.

Two months later on Jack emailed me saying that he felt psychologically stabilised, that he had several short-term business tasks on the go and that he was working on his long lasting wish of opening a restaurant.

Everybody may achieve similar recovery by following the simple self-help exercises outlined in Tara Springett’s books The Five-Minute Wonder.
Tara Springett keeps an M.A. in Education and can be a completely certified psychotherapist. She has post-graduate certification in gestalt therapy, body consciousness therapy and transpersonal therapy. She offers worked well as a drugs counselor, counselor for children and general psychotherapist since 1988.

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