Healing Emotional Wounds

If you have some terrible memories of romantic relationship complications, failing on lab tests, or a critical parent, these are pains. These are recollections of occasions that occurred repeatedly. Certainly there are memories of occasions also even worse than these which I won’t point out right redirected here. But, if they happened to you, you know what I’m talking about. I am speaking now of psychological injuries, not bruises or scrapes.

Neither these pains, nor the emotions attached to these pains can be healed or fixed using positive thinking or NLP. NLP can help because it will educate you how to make the memory of the event, each time it comes up, smaller and darker and less generative of feelings. But, smaller and darker is not gone.

A few face it. The worst child years memory space is unpleasant, not really because of the discomfort it triggered, but because of the memory space attached to it. The reality and the believed that life is normally good right now, has under no circumstances helped anyone with severe youth misuse.

Painful Thoughts

Any victim of child abuse realizes that the wounds, the broken bone fragments or the scars have recovered. The physical body is definitely no longer in pain. However, it is usually still painful when those recollections arrive up.

A soldier will be having a great time with his family or friends, but in the event that there is definitely a noise outside, or a person walking nearby in a way that reminds him of war, his encounter changes, his body system vocabulary adjustments and his disposition changes. There was no risk, but he is normally physically and psychologically ready for actions.

What causes these things? Thoughts.

The thoughts and memories of past pain or embarrassment are attached to a bio-feedback loop that causes feelings that are re-felt every time the thought or memory replays. The repeating of that cycle re-enforces the attachment of the sense. If you can think positive thoughts, reducing the opportunity of that memory to occur, you will steadily deteriorate the bio-feedback cycle. But, this is certainly the sluggish and hard way to do this.

Clearing Methods to Change Thinking

The Sedona Technique and the Work both utilize a particular thought process or series of questions that help you change the thoughts attached to a memory. As the Sedona says, any feeling that is usually not really tranquility or like needs to be healed. Even feelings that we think of as great, such as «pride» impact our ability to clearly run in space/time. They cause us to desire to connect to them, or to want to control existence therefore that we can hold on to them.

For example, let us say your team wins some playoff event. Today, there will become the final event, and you will wish to earn that as well. If you win the final, then there will end up being another period. Or, if you possess simply aged out or retired or transformed college, you will wish to discover a way to do it again that earn, or you will appearance for opportunities to replay that earn in your mind, and the feelings attached to it.

The only way to give up all perceived need to control, is to give up all attachments to feelings, both good and bad.

What is the advantage of cleaning all emotions? You are in the today. When you are in the now, you are healthy. When you are trying to control life, you are asking for illness, struggling and discomfort — because that is usually what you fear.

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