Are Hyundai Santafe 2019 going to appear in Vietnam after Geneva Show?

Hyundai Santafe 2019 was helped bring to the majority of consumers of the Hyundai brand in the recent Geneva exhibition. Let’s find out what Santafe 2019 is new compared to the old version!

Summary of the gia xe hyundai santafe Santafe 2019
Hyundai Motor Business is always looking frontward to bringing the unparalleled experience to the driver. And on this brand new 2019 Santafe, the Hyundai designers give users an attractive look. Impressive features such as Toyota Fortuner, Nissan X-Trail or Honda CR-V must pay attention.
Hyundai Santafe 2019 Total Length x Width times Height is 4. 770 x 1. 890 back button 1. 680 mm. In comparison to the older version: 4, 700 x you, 880 x 1, 680 mm.

What’s new in Hyundai Santafe 2019?
Having the latest Hyundai design language including the Kona and Nexo, the Hyundai Santafe 2019 posseses an impressive front side and bumpy head. With honeycomb heatsink combined with LED lights, fog lamps, turn signals and especially the chrome-plated bar varieties an extremely superficial wedge.

Hyundai models are featured by sharp embossed steak that show sophistication. And the Santafe 2019 also follows the current popularity with its modern lines. Behind the car, end light is narrower and finer than previously. Haze lights and rear bumpers make Santafe 2019 look strong and solid. Since its predecessor, the Hyundai Santafe 2019 is outfitted with 19-inch alloy tires.

Hyundai Santafe 2019 Modern day Furniture
The inside of the Hyundai Santa Ideología 2019 completely came up with the attraction in contrast to the old technology, both modern and imaginative. The 7-seat SUV comes with a completely new dashboard. Reasonable central chaos arrangement. As well as the entertainment information system floats with an 8 «voice control display screen along with the HUD display.
With these changes, Hyundai proudly refers to the inside of the Santafe 2019 with the words «top quality» and «pioneer». This is true when Hyundai has outfitted this SUV with lots of modern tools.
The interior of the car is completed by leather interior with new colors look very elegant and high.
Hyundai Santafe 2019 comes with 8-speed computerized transmission. Sports gear change on the controls. With a four-wheel drive system, the vehicle is well supported in all of the weather conditions. Three methods of Normal, Sport and Smart are suited to the road.
Additionally, modern technology is also equipped for Santafe 2019 as Apple CarPlay and Android Automobile connectivity, Qi wireless asking base. Infinity 12 loudspeaker system with QuantumLogic audio tracks and intelligent volume control, and Blue Link system.
And in Korea, Hyundai Santafe 2019 is sold for $ 26, 1000. Vietnamese individuals are also anxious for the appearance of this impressive car.

This kind of 7 seat SUV will be assembled by Hyundai Success. And distributed by all dealers across the country later this season. And from June 2018, Hyundai Truong Chinh began accepting deposits for this extremely hot model. Get in touch with immediately as the first customer to own this car Santafe 2019 in Vietnam.

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