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You’ll find people who might just take advantage of the current turmoil in the financial markets. One probably won’t surprise: lawyers. The other might: sex workers.

In the late 1990s, New York and other large American cities witnessed the rise of a so-called indoor sex-work trade. Women either left the streets for strip clubs and book escort services, or they started their own businesses by advertising on the Internet or cruising hotels and corporate centers to find clients. You may recall «Kristen» (aka Ashley Dupré), the young woman whose tryst with Eliot Spitzer helped bring down the New book escort York governor. «Kristens» might earn $1,000 per evening, which places them toward the higher end of the indoor sex market.

I recently came across these women when I began studying New York’s sex industry in the end of the 1990s. Mayor Rudy Giuliani, so as to clean up Manhattan’s neighborhoods, forced sex book escort off the streets of Times Square and other Midtown neighborhoods. In the operation, his administration created a new economic sector. I’ve been following the lives of more than 300 sex workers—in New York and Chicago, in high and low ends of the income spectrum since 1999.

One thing I’ve learned is that economic downturns can be boom times for high-end sex workers. Sex workers of the past waited on street corners, outside bars, and around parks, and their transactions were fleeting and usually couple of dollars. Today’s high-end sex workers see themselves as therapists, part of a vast metropolitan wellness industry that includes private chefs and yoga teachers. Many have regular clients who visit them several times per month, paying them not only for sex but also for comfort and affirmation.

The cost may be hard earned money for an evening of leisure. Few people not in the corporate work force can afford this price tag. And, in good times, Wall Street came calling.

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