How do you know that games are fair at a Live Casino?

It is important to know that a lot is at stake for Live Casino providers.

Let’s add some Evolution Gaming annual figures from 2018:

The total gross profit (all bets minus the amounts paid out) amounted to more than 245 million euros
The net profit of Evolution Gaming in 2018 amounted to 83.5 million euros
There were 550 tables live at the end of the year
10 new games were launched in the Live Casinos that year
At the end of the year, 4,005 (!) Full-time employees were employed

The conclusion may be: the Live Casino is a money factory for Evolution Gaming.

Although other Live Casino providers are likely to make less profit than Evolution Gaming, it should be clear that these companies do not have to bite too well.

5 reasons why Live Casino games run fairly

We have listed 5 good reasons for you, showing that Live Casino games are fair.
1. Playing in a casino is based to a large extent on trust

A player must be able to blindly assume that casino games are fair. If it was proven that Live Casino games would not be fair, it would be catastrophic for the provider that offers the game.

The threat of irreparable damage to our reputation is already a first sign for us that games are fair. Why would Live Casino providers endanger the golden egg chicken themselves?
2. Providers of Live Casino games operate under online casino licenses

These casino permits are issued under strict conditions, certainly in countries such as jurisdictions such as the United Kingdom, Malta, Sweden and soon also the Netherlands.

A licensing authority can (and will!) Immediately turn out a license if it appears that games are being manipulated. The direct consequence is that a provider can no longer be active in those important markets.
3. All games are checked by external, specialized parties before, during and after the launch

These parties not only check whether the games are fair, but also whether advertised payout percentages are in line with reality. If it appears that malversations are taking place, then these parties do not issue an approval stamp.
4. The development and launch of Live Casino games costs hundreds of thousands of euros

The concepts, the technical connections, the recruitment and training of dealers and game leaders, the renting of studio space and the testing of the games. A new Live Casino game costs a lot of money to make.

Would a provider put all of that at risk to fool their customers? Remember that every Live Casino game has a built-in house advantage. They do make money anyway.
5. Manipulation of Live Casino games would mean that hundreds of employees must be aware of the fraud

If you have 550 tables live, it means that a multitude of dealers, floor managers, trainers, accountants and owners must be aware of the fact that manipulation is taking place.

Only one unsatisfied employee is needed to have a whistleblower. And there are dissatisfied employees in every company. More than 4,000 people work at Evolution Gaming.

Where are they then with their revelations? We do not hear them, because the manipulation of live casino games simply does not happen.
Why are we so keen to believe that Live Casinos are destroying us?

If you play at a casino for a long time, or whatever game, you will eventually lose money. Few people know how to make gambling their profession.

After he has lost a few tens, the recreational player will shrug his shoulders and happily continue his life.

Most other players see the beating of the casino as a prestige battle. They have sophisticated roulette systems, work with fixed rituals and always use the same patterns.

If they win, they will be confirmed in their knowledge and skills. They proudly tell their environment that they have managed to crack the code. They feel, if only for a moment, a casino expert. A winner.

However, if they lose, this feeling of winner makes way for a much more annoying emotion. They feel like a loser. And maybe they even doubt their knowledge and skills for a moment.

Then it is nice to be able to identify a scapegoat. In this case the Live Casino.
Play at a Live Casino yourself

If, after reading this article, you are still convinced that Live Casinos light up things, then we recommend that you never play at an online casino in the Live Casino.

The best thing to do is go to a Holland Casino location or maybe even to the Las Vegas casinos.

But if you also want to try the Live Casino yourself, the online casinos below are excellent places to do this.

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