Onam celebrations

The leaf shaped state — Kerala celebrates Onam festival with great gaiety and grandeur. The festival is organized by the Tourism Department of Kerala and plays an important role in boosting the state tourism through the festival celebrations. Visitors can have a glimpse rich cultural heritage of Kerala during the festival celebrations.

For centuries, the festival holds an importance place in the calendar of Kerala Festivals. People eagerly wait for this pious day, to welcome their beloved King Mahabali. He was the former ruler of the state and very kind to his visitors. During his regime, prosperity and happiness was unrestricted. According to legends, King Mahabali visits earth on Onam.

The Grand Celebrations

The festive fervor of Onam festival makes people forget all their grievances or any kind of discrimination most notable. The secular spirit is visible in the celebrations on the festival several sects of community takes an active participation on the celebrations.

Warm Welcome of King Mahabali

People of Kerala celebrate the festival with much joy and grandeur. They decorate primary gate from the houses with fresh flower carpet, known as as ‘Pookalam’. These preparations are manufactured to welcome the King Mahabali. The whole house is adorned with fresh branches of red coconut, coconut fronds and banana leaves.

Occasion Preparations

On the auspicious day of Onam, consumers are filled with festive mood and commitment. The first day of Onam is understood as Attam. As day time begins, women get up early, have bath and wear white color sari with zari border. They adorn themselves with designer jewelery and nicely pin the strings of fresh flower their particular long black tresses. And other family member also get dressed themselves in new clothes and are able for the celebrations.

The house yards are smoothened with cow dung. Than the east side of your home is decorated with flowers as is definitely considered regarding scared according to Hindu notions. The beautiful patterns of flower are produced on the front gate which are generally circular in profile. In the centre of the design cow dung is determined which symbolizes God Ganesha.

For the next ten days, till Onam is over, every day the place is moistened with cow dung and decorated with fresh take into account. People dance and sing around the Attam to celebrate the visit of King Mahabali to earth.


A grand feast is held within third day of Onam in the peoples house. They invite their friends on the this special event to have the food. Pure vegetarian your meals are cooked during Onam festival including rice, vegetables, crisps, different types of curries, pickles and puddings.

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