Snooker Cue Accessories

So you’ve just got your brand new snooker cue, now what accessories could you need for it? The first thing you need is a cue tip changing kit. Now if you are a pro, all you really need is a Stanley knife and some sandpaper and super glue gel. But for us lesser mortals there are cue tip kits to make the job easier.

You still need the Stanley knife to get the old tip off and the glue to put the new tip on, but then there are tip tools that will shape the cue tip perfectly for you with shaped sanding tools to produce that perfect domed shape. Also cue tip clamps to make sure the new tip is perfectly glued in place. For the novice these are definite must have items to keep your cue in top condition.

Another essential item is the small towel or cloth. When you see the pros playing, they always have a towel to wipe the cue clean. This is to prevent the dreaded judder when drawing the cue back across the bridge hand.

And then there are the cue extensions. The snooker table is exceedingly large and there will be plenty of occasions when you will need the extra reach available or heaven forbid, you will need to use the «long tackle» cues that are parked on the side of the table that won’t chalk up properly and sag in the middle. Much better to use your own cue if you can, and extend it with the various extensions around. They vary in size from 6 inches for the «smart» extender to give a little bit of reach to 30 inch extensions for those ends of the table shots.

These are just some of the snooker cue accessories available, and I haven’t even mentioned the snooker cue cases you can get. So if you are stuck for an idea for a present for your snooker playing friend get him or her one of these items, they will be pleased as punch.

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