Ten Motorcycle Riding Tips, Tricks And Techniques

Motorcycle touring is a great way to explore your city, state, or even the entire country from an entirely new perspective. I’ve ridden 550-mile interstate highway days and 250-mile mountain road days that were both a solid eight hours of riding. But when it comes to motorcycle touring, the latest Electra Glide takes the prize. It’s an incredible feeling watching the world wake up from the seat of a motorcycle, and if you’re planning to do big miles, the earlier you start, the earlier you can finish.

Experienced riders regularly go on much longer trips than I did, but they’re just that - experienced riders. Be sure to pack the necessary tools incase anything goes wrong with your bike on the road. Check out these tips for food tour safe riding Don’t worry if the amount of information seems overwhelming; take it slow and absorb what you can.

If your route involves long stretches of open road in remote areas, let friends and family back home know where you will be riding. While I can’t prevent the flaring tempers , I can give you a few tips that can make your touring adventure more enjoyable and maybe a little less stressful.

Having raingear with you on your motorcycle is a must on any long trip. Here are 16 tips that can help make sure you have a great time on the road. If I’m enjoying my favorite roads in eastern West Virginia , for example, I know that 200 miles is a lot of riding for one day.

But riding a motorbike in Thailand can also be very dangerous but if you stick to the common sense basics — ride within the speed limits, wear a bike helmet, obey the traffic rules and don’t drink and drive — it remains a perfectly reliable way to get around.

Bike expert Simon Weir has written extensively on the subject for Ride magazine and is also an advanced riding instructor. Welcome to the world of motorcycle touring. It works perfectly for me. Within, I can very well control the bike in case of sudden need to apply brakes, and at the same time enjoy the views on the road.

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