Top 3 ICOs to watch in Q2/Q3 2018

As the blockchain industry matures, promising projects are emerging from every sphere. ICOs are the space to watch for early investments into cutting edge technologies. With the market changing at such a rapid pace, one of the greatest challenges is for investors to weed through the increasing number of new projects to find those with the greatest potential for success. Here are 3 projects worth keeping an eye on over the coming weeks.

Kleros platform is a space for disputing parties to sort out their differences through a vote of a selected group of skilled settlers with the help of blockchain. On Kleros, a smart contract is created in the event of a dispute, on which Kleros is selected as the adjudicating protocol. Then a tribunal is chosen from the crowd, including jurors who vote on the dispute. The final decision is then enforced by the smart contract created. The crowd sourcing of jurors allows a wide pool to choose from, who earn from their participation in settling disputes. The procedure is kept secure with the use of blockchain technology.
As with any form of contract, there is a possibility for disputes to arise in which arbitration can be helpful to reaching an agreement. Kleros aims to be the arbitration platform for the new global and decentralized economy.

Varyon is the cryptocurrency created by Blue Frontiers, a seasteading company building floating communities to encourage innovations in governance, economics, engineering and sustainability. Varyon will be the currency used on the seasteads and will also be part of a decentralized voting system. Centralized systems have the tendency to become inefficient and unbalanced, not giving representation to the communities they are meant to serve.
Seasteading agreements with host nations allow for beneficial trade and tax laws and competition in governance. Floating housing is also one of the best solutions to sea level rise due to its low impact on the environment and relatively low cost. Each seastead has the potential to create hundreds of jobs and bring millions of dollars of investment to its local region.

Edenchain blockchain platform is designed to tokenize all businesses and assets through programmable economic technology. It uses smart contracts to document both digital and physical assets on a decentralized network.
Edenchain is somewhat of a smart contract based marketplace that enables investors to conduct trade of any of their property through a decentralized, secure network. It allows assets to be respected and valued by their ability to be commercialised. Edenchain is a cryptocurrency engineered for a dynamic enterprise.

In summary, the above listed ICOs are spaces to watch not only because of their anticipated success but also because of the solutions they bring to the world using unique problem solving methods.

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