Traditional concept

הדמיות תלת מימד למוצריםIn this posting we introduce a mixed use building while in the east harbor הדמיות חוץ of Frankfurt. Originally it absolutely was intended being a factory. However, caused by historical circumstances, הדמיות פנים it never been used as such. Rather, it was used like a hospital and later on as accommodation for workers. The job ended up being to renovate this historic building and הדמיות אדריכליות supplement it with a modern day section before the»1100 Architects»architectural company. The very first volume ought to be reached. The creation of the project was preceded by way of careful hunt for the current structure. The revolutionary building was carried out 2015, a hundred years later. The ultra-modern perhaps the project mainly concerned the facade design and the inside in the loft apartments.

An extremely interesting two-part facade design
Building with lofts frontal view

Traditional concept – modern loft architecture and facade design
The new building»translates»an original concept to the formal language of modern loft architecture and modern façade design. As is also generally the truth with lofts, הדמיות עיצוב פנים you need to adequately create a connection between»old»and»new&rdquo ;.

The brand new portion of the building has interpreted the, rhythm and proportions of the very first inside a contemporary way. To ensure the form language on the historical building has become reproduced with modern forms and materials. A lot of the evident within the façade design and design for the loft apartments inside.

Such architecture certainly brings added value to the cityscape
loft building view from sleep issues of your river
The present day facade design
Present day façade was inspired by the main mansard roof. It had become interpreted as a continuing shell. All surfaces are clad in cement fiber boards. Colored window reveals be highlights and accents. The panels are tilted and reflect the light. This creates many visual nuances. Since you walk around the building, it always appears in a different way. Modern in character and form, this architecture has a striking influence on the current style on this Frankfurt district.

Inside, we discover modern loft architecture
Loft insight into your length
Secluded from your noise from the big city
In addition to the great aesthetic, the building has in the same way many practical advantages. The façade was clad with modern materials that be insulation and reject the noise. Of central importance are the double acoustic windows , They are used very deep inside wall derive noise and vibration.

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