A few Traffic Rules To Get Accustomed Prior to Navigating The city

Choosing car rental in Doha is one way to accomplish thing you want to do. With dirt cheap fuel prices, and a lot of tariff plans to choose from, you may sedan leased to you for a low as QAR 65 ($17) for a day and even lesser invest the it for your week perhaps a month.

Driving Licence

You want an International Licence with the intention to drive in Qatar, let alone Doha. The time of validity of the license is an additional matter as different auto leasing agencies have different norms.

In case you are deprived of an International license, practical, then focus go towards traffic department and if they accept the drivers’ license that you possess now, absolutely get yourself a local Qatari License for a small charge of QAR180. This is of course after have got cleared a few eye demos.

Driving A City

Seat belts are compulsory and if you are found not wearing any by the police, then you are sure to obtain punished with fines, imprisonment and deportation. Driving under the influence of alcohol one more going to yield the identical results.

Be careful of cars cutting lanes even in roundabouts. Generally, if you’re on the lane to the right, you’ll need enjoy a steeper precedence over others meaning you can overtake. However, this is very risky and must only be tried if one has done it before.

Driving On Highways And Outskirts

The posted speed limit on highways is 120km/hr. However, if you are moving to remote locations outside the boundaries within the city, then be sure face a few rough patches of road on method. Also, stick to the middle lane and let auto behind you pass are going to flashes a high beam continuously.

In case of any accident, internal revenue service to wait for police to arrive. After they question your other party only is it possible to leave the scene. Later you might want to visit the department to accumulate the accident report, once your car rental in Doha will need them later.

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