Why and how You Should Use Castor oil For Your Hair

Castor oil treatment comes from the castor bean and the seed of the castor as well. This vegetable oil has a beliefs dating back to the traditional Egyptians, where in that it was used because because of its purgative, laxative, and softening effects. It has hardly any smell or taste so therefore makes for a perfect base ingredient for many health and beauty applications. However because of its potentially toxic components, nowadays it is especially used externally in the proper execution of skin and proper hair care products. It contains many beneficial properties that provide amazing results for the general health of the hair. Read on to discover just how beneficial this natural oil is.

Split Ends

By using castor oil to the tips of the hair will help stay away from the hair looking dry and frizzy by reducing the visible appearance of split concludes. It has the ability to boost the hair thus preventing breaking and split ends from occurring. This thick and rich oil will restore moisture back into the information of the hair masking the damage and leaving it looking silky smooth and shiny. As the hair grows along with the damaged ends are trimmed the hair will be less likely to develop more split ends.

Healthy Scalp

Castor oil contain an acid called «ricinoleic acid», which contains anti-fungicidal and anti-bacterial properties that safeguard the hair and scalp from developing infections that can ultimately lead to hair loss. Castor oil also contains a larger content of omega-9 fatty acids making it a very effective moisturising agent to help prevent the scalp from drying out, and by massaging it into the scalp it will allow you to regenerate healthy regrowth within a few weeks. This natural oil also serves as the cleansing agent for the scalp, effectively removing any impurities and dirt build-up that would potentially inhibit the growth of hair.


The high levels of fat found in castor oil makes it perfect for nourishing and moisturising the hair. It is absorbed easily into the hair who has the capacity to deeply penetrate through everybody layers in the hair roots. The oil completely coats the hair shaft smoothing the cuticles and sealing in the moisture resulting in silky smooth hair. Castor oil is also know like a humectant, remain it is able to bring in moisture from the air into the hair and scalp, therefore boosting its already powerful moisturizing attributes.

Hair Growth

All among the properties aforementioned directly relate back into the overall health of your hair and therefore castor oil stimulates hair growth. An essential ingredient for new hair growth is a healthy scalp, cash back guarantee its ability to remove impurities to unblock hair follicles, castor oil makes a great effective regrowth solution. Also, since of its moisturising properties it improves the overall strength of the head of hair which inhibits breakage and hair management.

Hair Treatment

Castor oil is particularly thick oil and employing this oil by itself may prove rather difficult to wash our, therefore it is recommended you mix with lighter oils like grape seed or almond. Castor oil treatment also has not got any scent so so that you can create a decent aroma try adding pleasant smelling oils such as rosemary.

1. Apply castor oil onto the scalp and roots of the hair only

2. Gently massage in the scalp until completely covered

3. Cover hair using a shower cap and towel and leave overnight

4. Wash it out and shampoo immediately a morning

Repeat treatment one a week, therefore notice results and improvements after approximately 7 applications

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