The Vibrancies of Onam Are Reflections of How Keralites Celebrate the Biggest Festival of Their Land

The time when Kerala is at its best — Onam, the most celebrated festival of Kerala, remarks the arrival of the beloved legendary King of Kerala, «Mahabali». Every Keralite will have a thousand words to say about Onam. It’s a carnival lasting for ten days which brings out the very best of art, culture, tradition and taste. Out out of which one «Thiruvonam» is the most important day. Onam is looked as the harvest festival of Kerala which falls typically the month of «Chingam» as indicated by the Malayalam calendar, usually during August or Sept.

Legend says that, once there was a wise, generous, judicious and greatly respected King named «Mahabali». During his reign, Kerala was in the golden ages, has been no difference amongst the rich and the poor, no poverty and hunger. The king became so well received that that even the Gods were green with envy. Then Lord Vishnu came down in the avatar of «Vamana» and sent the King into the underground world «Pathalam». «Vamana» accepted the request of the King «Mahabali» to visit his people once every year. So Onam was celebrated to welcome the King. Even though this story to get a legend, every Keralite still keeps this story to his mind and heart, and this story keeps trickling down through long time.

Its holiday season during onam, most schools and colleges are closed down for Onam holidays. Children and youth take a major initiative for your celebrations. There greater level of activities happening during Onam, which witness active participation every malayalee irrespective of religion and caste. Children would be all around playing games, there is usually swings tied as many as big trees. Belly of the weather in Kerala is during the season of Onam during August and September, warm and sunny moderate climate. Autumn looks vibrant, being considered as the harvest festival too, the fields look brilliant with farmers happy to get their pleasurable harvest. That will make the Celebration in the villages more like an extravaganza. Everywhere it’s time for homecoming most people along the world try to come home to celebrate Onam. Everybody plans this out quite in advance and also it is hard to obtain a ticket as last minute.

The series of memorable events begun to the mind of anyone who has celebrated Onam, some of them for example would be the Snake boat race that happens very close to the Festival it’s it a part of the festival. Onam will not be complete without the flower carpet called «Pookalam», the Onam » Sadhya » — the common lunch during onam with almost 25 dishes served in plantain leaf, «Kaikottikalli»- a art form performed by Kerala women in started out Kerala half saree, Elephant processions, «Pullikalli» men dressed like tigers would dance, and series of games. «Vadamvalli» called soft skills game during Onam — This depends upon two groups pulling a single rope from two sides with a tied mark in the centre, whoever pulls the tied mark to their side will win online game. This game symbolizes group effort and strategy and you can find the strongest and the heftiest ones at the rear end of occurance.

The Nehru trophy boat race is organized in second Saturday of every August; diane puttman is hoping very close to the dates of the Onam celebration. During this time people would actually feel that onam is here. Large numbers of people gather to scrutinize the car boat race, which is regarded as a tight competition a villages of Alleppey. Is just a government organized event and many tourists from different parts of the world come in order to become a part of the tournament. Even though the even is situated in backwater, the vibe is all around your state. «Pookalam» may be the most interesting and participative activity during Onam, this is initiated by women and youngsters. Nowadays flower carpet competitions happen in excess of the talk about. The most common place where could certainly find these competitions may be the schools and colleges. Children bring flowers, and make a flower carpet in front of their property. Long pyramid structures are kept besides the carpets, these clay models represents «Mahaballi». On «Thiruonam» day the» Sadhya» (lunch) would attend the «Tharavadu» — traditional home almost all of the family group. «Sadhya» could be the traditional lunch of Kerala with almost twenty five different dishes served from a plantain leaf with rice as if perhaps ingredient. Women take active participation your preparation of «Sadhya». Salvaging normally consumed by looking at the floor with the legs crossed; the leaf would even be in the ground. And after that there most likely «Payasam» (Dessert) served from the leaf per se. «Payasam» may be the different variety, at least there was three varieties of «payasams» served in the conclusion.

By the final of the tenth day everyone would be in their blues saying goodbye to family members and «Mahaballi». The holidays are over and it’s also time to get back to schools and work. Encounter of joy and fun with all family and friends throughout the festive months are the rationality why everyone pops up home for Onam.

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